Release of Organic Hair Straightening

//Release of Organic Hair Straightening

Release of Organic Hair Straightening

Hello everyone! First and foremost, we want to say thank you to all of our loyal clients, potential clients and to anyone who has visited our site.

We decided to create this notice to inform every one about Organic Hair Straightening “OHS” which is produced and marketed in the United States.

“OHS” is made of food-grade materials that one can actually consume (though it may not taste very good).

“OHS” consists of highly effective yogurt based enzymes.

“OHS” IS 100% FORMALDEHYDE FREE and Paraffin FREE! For this reason, OHS does not have a strong odor as BKT (Brazilian Keratin Treatment). Simply put, it is not a BKT neither JHS, it is much better than them!

“OHS” also produces significantly more “percentage of straightness” than BKT. More importantly, it lasts significantly longer (average of 6-12 months as oppose to BKT 2-5 months).

“OHS” IS ORGANIC! For this reason, no harm is done when the OHS product touches ones skin, is eaten or if it goes into ones eyes.

The “percentage of straightness” depends on ones amount of curls. Moreover, a 80%-90% of straightness is to be expected for those with ethnic hair. For those without ethnic hair, a 100% straightness is to be expected.

“OHS” produces a “naturally straight” appearance! For instance, Japanese Hair Straightening (JHS) produces a pin straight look in which no volume is present. With the OHS, however, a “naturally straight” look is produced with significantly more volume than the JHS. Therefore, clients with thin hair, and those who do not wish to have pin straight hair, we recommend OHS for the more “natural straight” looking hair.

The price for “OHS” was set to $300 for short hair, $350 for medium length hair, $400 for long hair and $450 for extra long hair. However, we are offering a “introduction discount”! This in turn drops OHS prices to $180 for short hair, $190 for medium length hair, $200 for long hair and $220 for extra long hair. THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER!

All in all, many might have already received the “OHS” and are more than ecstatic with their results and we agree certain you will love it too. Hair iB is certain that the results will leave you 100% satisfied!