Our Salon Prouducts

//Our Salon Prouducts

Our Salon Prouducts

Hello Everyone!~ (: There’s alot of customers that ask what type of products we use at our salon!~ (: We have a few brands we do use at our salon. Starting from Lisicio. Shiseido. Mutzunami. Gloss. & we have our own customized brand that we use in special cases for extra strong hair that doesn’t come out as well with the other brands we use. (: So we have all different kinds of brands from all over and in some cases when a customer asks if they can use a brand that they would like to use. some cases. it’s possible. but some cases it might not be possible depending on the person’s hair condition. (:

And also after you finish getting the JHS (: We have a JHS shampoo & conditioner that is made for the JHS. that’ll make your hair looking alot healthier and silkier. We get these directly from Japan. and may not be found in beauty supply stores (: But in order to take care of your hair after the process. using the shampoo & conditioner will be great (:!~

Thank You

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